What you need to visit Morocco

You always need to have a valid passport. On arrival at the airport, you will be asked to fill out a form stating your personal details and your address in Morocco. It is therefore essential that you are already booked in accommodation, or else you will be temporarily held by the airport authorities.
A visa is not required for Italian citizens for stays up to 3 months. For minors, please check the Italian Foreign Ministry’s website “Viaggiare Sicuri” here.

There are no special requirements. It is, however, advisable to dress decorously, particularly in the summer months, avoiding very low cuts or short skirts.

During the summer months, temperatures are very high in cities like Marrakech, not exposed to the ocean’s influence, with the mercury column often exceeding 40-45°C, while they are pleasant along the coast.
In winter, it is essential to be equipped with warm clothes, particularly when crossing the high Atlas mountains, where it is all but uncommon to find snow until March. Nights are very cold in the desert, and you need to wear warm clothes if you wish to admire the stars. Almost all riads are not equipped with heating systems, and only utilise heat pumps, so do not forget to pack a warm pyjamas for the night. For ladies, a hairdryer will be helpful.
In spring and autumn, day temperatures are usually very pleasant, while in the early mornings and evenings it can be chilly, so it is useful to bring a coat.

In Morocco, you use dirhams (1 EUR ≃ 11 MAD). Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere in large towns, but if you go to less urban areas it is good to always have cash on you. Almost every riad and hotel has a Wi-Fi network available for guests, so we don’t believe it is actually necessary to buy a local SIM card (though we can direct you where to find them).

There are no mandatory vaccinations. We suggest, however, that you inquire about fecal-oral transmissible diseases with your local vaccination authorities (hepatitis A, typhoid and cholera). The oral anti-cholera vaccine, in fact, will at least partially (about 25%) protect you against traveller’s diarrhea. At any rate, hygienic-sanitary conditions are good.

Absolutely. Even if you are in excellent health conditions, never travel without an adequate private health insurance covering hospitalisation and repatriation with a doctor in attendance, because there are no set agreements between the Italian and the Moroccan national health services, and the expense may be very high (compared with negligible if you are insured).

Morocco is always beautiful (forgive our bias), with flaws and virtues in every season.
If you have problems dealing with cold temperatures indoors, we advise you against winter, because you won’t find traditional heating systems hardly anywhere, and nights are cold. During the day, the temperature is usually agreeable, but this is the rainiest season anyway, and you may be caught in gloomy weather.
If, on the contrary, you are not a lover of heat, avoid visiting towns (especially Marrakech) during summer, when day temperatures are always above 40-45°C.
Other than that, equip yourself with proper clothing and enjoy the trip!

Morocco is a peaceful country where even women can travel on their own without problems, if they are sufficiently adaptable. In essence, it is important to travel the country with some good sense, without getting oneself into unwelcome situations. But aside from this, try and enjoy the excellent Moroccan hospitality, and do not always look at people around you with suspicion – they will often just want to give you a smile.


Everything you should know about your adventure in Morocco

"How much does a tour cost?
You will not find prices displayed in the website, because the tours we describe are just proposals, to be customised according to personal requirements, and accommodation can fall within different categories (standard, superior or luxury). For this reason we invite you to let yourself be inspired and ask us for a quote without commitment."

"Is it possible to modify the proposals that appear in the website?
Absolutely! Every tour is a private tour, tailored for you depending on the number of days you want to spend in Morocco, your flight dates and - not least - your desired budget."

"Can we take children?
Sure! We only ask you to let us know at the time of drafting the tour plan, so that we can advise you on how best to make it a good experience even for the little ones."

"How are payments made?
At the time of booking you will be requested an advance payment of EUR 100-200, depending on the length of the tour (payable by international bank transfer, Paypal or Western Union). The balance will be paid cash at the moment of starting the tour."

"Any other queries?
No problem: you can contact us at; we will be happy to assist you."


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